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So this page is kind of a reminder for me what guitars I’ve owned and gathered during the years. Hopefully a little story behind them also involved. I’ve been selling and buying a lot of used guitars during the years and I thought it would be interesting for some people to see a glimpse of my G.A.S. past.

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Updated 2013-12-09

Washburn Solar 170 Prototype  – 2013


Among the first wave of prototypes from the import factory middle 2013 that later became part of the  Solar production line .  Alder body, ebony fretboard on a maple neck. Duncan Design pickups based on the Duncan Distortion and 59. 25.5″ scale length. Used this on a lot of clinics and recordings. A great 7-string workhorse.

Washburn Solar 6 US prototype  – 2013


So this is the first guitar of my new signature series with Washburn. The guitar is designed by myself, together with Washburn. Features Evertune bridge, Seymour Duncan Custom 5 Alnico and 59 pickups. Ebony fretboard on a maple neck. Alder body wood. This has an extra added graphic at the back of the neck saying “Vinter” together with the Feared logo. It’s truly an awesome piece of work done by the Washburn USA Custom shop!


Jaden Rose  – 2013


So I’ve known about Jaden Rose for a while, mainly because of Fred Brum who plays and raves about them exclusively! And they are mighty fine playing guitars indeed! So I ordered this guitar from Jaden beginning of 2013, it has an Evertune bridge, Seymour Duncan Distortion and 59 pickups. Swamp Ash body with 5 piece Maple/mahogany neck. Maple Fretboard. Hipshot locking tuners.

Strandberg Boden x2  – 2013

Boden x2

I’ve always been a huge fan of Ola Strandbergs work, I’ve made several videos using his guitars, but I’ve never owned one myself.
These two babies are S7G built Strandberg Bodens. They are both 7-strings and are probably the last built S7G Bodens. Birds eye maple boards with Endure-neck. Both loaded with Seymour Duncan Blackouts. Both plays great and look killer. Probably the only matte black Strandberg there is.



Washburn PXM10FRQTBM  – 2013


So at the Frankfurt show I was invited to try out the new Washburn Parallaxe series guitars at their showroom. I went through a lot of the guitars they had and they were all pretty awesome, and they wanted me to make a video of one of the guitars so I just chose to bring this one with me home. It’s a full featured import guitar with Seymour Duncan Distortions, OFR, Ebony Fret board, Stephens Extended Cutaway, Buzz Feiten saddle, Grover Tuners.  And the neck has an awesome thing C-shape to it that I really dig.

Siggi Braun Custom Ola  – 2013

Custom Ola Siggi

And because I loved the VS-2 so much I had talked to Siggi Braun to make me a guitar. This one is made of red willow and is very light weight. Pickups are Seymour Duncan 59/Custom Hybrid and 59. Non-dyed ebony fretboard(gorgeous huh?). A very nice 7-string with a very slim fast neck.

Blackat Feral/Ninja Custom  – 2013

upside wat

So since I loved the Leon7 so much I got myself a custom dumbed down Feral. Kept it pretty basic looking. White with maple fretboard. Seymour Duncan Distortion pickups and a black Ola inlay. This guitar is INSANELY fast to play this and the VS-2 are about the same playing wise. I got it at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013 and everytime I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the crowds at the show I went to the Blackat booth(which was at the far end corner) and sat there for a while playing this guitar.

Siggi Braun VS-2  – 2013

Siggi Braun VS-2

First time I tried a Siggi Braun guitar was when a good and guitar collector called Felix Niehof just out of nowhere sent me his hollowbody just for me to try out. I got it, played it, fell in love with the craftsmanship, sent it back. Then a time later attending one of the Guitar Candy events in Belgium I got a chance to try even more models, and among them was this guitar. THIS is probably the best 6-strings I’ve ever played. It is just perfect, the neck is perfectly C next to V shaped and I play faster than Yngwie on this guitar(not really pretty fast). Then a year later I wanted to try out some more of them and Bart(Guitar Candy) sent me the same VS-2 that I tried a year earlier. So having it in my home I just couldn’t let it go back, so I had to buy it. It happens. This one has Dimarzio Norton and Air Norton pickups I believe.

Halo Morbus7  – 2013

Halo Morbus7

At Namm I ran into the guys at Halo Custom Guitars and they were keen to get a demo done for one of their guitars. So they just gave me this one and I did a video for it. A good alternative neck through guitar if you don’t want to spend that much money. Has Seymour Duncan Blackouts in it, Ebony Fretboard etc.

Blackat Leon7  – 2013

Leon7 with SD Nazgul and Sentient pickups

I’ve been meeting Tomek at Blackat for a couple of times during the years and we’ve become friends really, but I never got one of his guitars. This Leon7 is probably the best Blackat 7 strings I’ve ever tried. So I had to get it. It’s loaded with Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient pickups and I used this guitar a lot for the Premier Guitar amp videos I did.

S7G Solar6 Blank  – 2013


This was a left over blank Solar6 without the Ola inlay. Nothing much to say, it’s an awesome playing guitar.
Bareknuckle Aftermaths in it , that I probably need to change out pretty soon.


S7G Solar8 Production  – 2012


So while I was at my first Six Feet Under tour in US june of 2012, I got to Cleveland to play a show there and to meet up the guys from S7G. Jim came to me with a new case and showed me this bad boy. It’s the same as the prototype but with a reversed headstock. Later on I installed the new Seymour Duncan Distortion 8 string pickups on it, this model of pickup cover became something that Seymour Duncan are now making. But they were the FIRST ever Duncan Distortions for 8-string guitar. Pretty epic! SICK guitar! Too bad I don’t play to much 8-string.

S7G Solar8 Prototype  – 2012

FUll body

I received this shortly after the production Solar8 and it was the first 8-string Solar ever. BUT this one had a regular headstock, not reversed. Also had Bareknuckle Aftermaths in it. The guitar itself is awesome and played better than most 8-strings I’ve ever played.


S7G Solar6 Black  – 2012


This together with the White Solar6 became my touring guitars with the band Six Feet Under. S7G built them in a month just before the first US-tour started of, literally got them the day before we left with the tour-bus! Ebony fretboard, loaded with Seymour Duncan Distortion bridge and neck pickup. Floyd bridge. This guitar later got an Evertune bridge installed in it and it became the workhorse tour guitar, that I never needed to tune. AWESOME! Used on Six Feet Under album Unborn.


S7G Solar6 White  – 2012

Full body

This together with the BLack Solar6 became my touring guitars with the band Six Feet Under. S7G built them in a month just before the first US-tour started of, literally got them the day before we left with the tour-bus! Maple fretboard, loaded with Seymour Duncan Distortion bridge and neck pickup. Hipshot bridge. This is probably one of the best sounding guitars I have. And I just had to have a white version of the Solar, just so I could be formal at times If I wanted too :)

S7G Solar7  – 2012


This is the first production model Solar7 and I received it at Namm 2012. It’s everything I’ve dreamed of really.  Built after my specs, looks exactly how I wanted it to look, first guitar that had the Ola Englund inlay at the 12th fret. Just as awesome as the prototype.

S7G Solar7 Prototype – 2011


So halway through 2011 I signed up with Strictly 7 Guitars to design my own signature line of guitars. The Solar. Jim and Allan made me a prototype without the Solar binding and Ola inlay and sent it to me. At first I didn’t quite enjoy the neck of the guitar. It was flat and bulky, especially when comparing to Ibanez Wizard necks. The guys just told me to give it a week. I did and after that I was totally hooked on the idea, the necks are so different and SO good for my hands. It had Bareknuckle Aftermaths in it and while they are awesome I just thought that they weren’t a pickup for me, they are just too cold sounding. Around this time Seymour Duncan did a smart move and sent me almost every metal pickup they had. And I did a test, and found a favorite of course. The Duncan Distortion. And it has been in this guitar ever since. This is now my workhorse 7-string. Used this to record Feared Furor Incarnatus and Refeared albums.

Ibanez RG2610 Prestige – 2011


A trade in guitar I when selling one of my amps at the time. An ok beat Prestige with an added single coil(since they only come with a bridge pickup). Got rid of it pretty quick.


Ibanez RGA8 – 2011


After been trying the guys in Meshuggah’s 8-string Ibanez and Nevborn I HAD to get an 8-string, but I didn’t want to put out any money on one so the RGA8 was perfect, it was cheap as hell, I got a good deal. Only problem(like with the RGA7) the pickups are the worst shit ever. I changed them to a couple of Rautia Rawdog pickups(prototype pickups from the a finnish guy) and it definitely made the guitar scream more. But the guitar itself is a mess, not as good as the RGA7. I recorded the first DAR FBM video using this guitar.

Ibanez RGD2120 – 2010


So following my love for the new Ibanez RGD series I got this one and thought it would be the equivalent 6-string version of the RGD2127z. And it surely delivered. It was an awesome guitar.

ESP Eclipse AHB – 2010

on couch

Found this one in Gothenburg, Musikborsen had a campaign and had probably like 10 of them in stock. So I just went through them all and picked the best one. A truly beautiful looking guitar and it sounded awesome with it’s Seymour Duncan JB/59 combo.Used it in the first Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier video I did.

Ibanez RG1527 – 2010

1527 with Dimarzio Blaze pickups

The other guitar player in Scarpoint had a 1527. It was awesome and I got a good deal, drove to the northern parts of Sweden and back just to get it for a good price. I always knew that I wanted to put in white pickups in this guitar. So I installed white Dimarzio Blaze pickups in it. The neck was so worn out though. The owner before must’ve been licking the neck every day to get it in that condition.

Ibanez RGA7 – 2010


Ibanez kept putting out awesome guitars at the time, the new RGA series was affordable and pretty awesome, but they had one problem. The pickups are the worst piece of shit ever. Semi-active pickups that use 1.5V batteries(3 V in total I believe). With a Mid-scoop switch that scoops the shit out of the already shitty sound. Imagine the sound of that! Shoved in Seymour Duncan Blackouts and BOOM, a good guitar ! 

Ibanez RGD2127z – 2010


Early 2010 I joined the awesome band Scarpoint. I had one problem, they played 7-string and I didn’t have one. Selling all my previous shit just to get one. Got it, one of the best new 7-strings I’ve ever played. The 26.5″ scale length was just the way to go for me. I’ve always been picking the strings hard as fuck and suddenly I can play a seven without strings going sharp when I play them. Stock pickups sound awesome and the new RGD look is killer. Loved the Satin finish, something I incorporated in my own signature S7G line. This was my main Scarpoint/Feared guitar at the time.

Ibanez MTM2 White – 2009


So Ibanez released a white version of the MTM2. I liked my MTM2 so much I had to get a white one, but I remembered that it wasn’t nearly as good as my black one, they also used active pickups on this one, and they didn’t sound as good as the stock V8 that were on the black MTM2.

ESP/LTD Eclipse White – 2009


Got this at the same time as I got the FX401 below. It was just super cheap, but I was pretty let down, it wasn’t as good as the ESP Eclipses(go figure :)

Sold it pretty quick!

ESP/LTD FX401 – 2009


At this time the Swedish distributor of ESP just lost their contract to another company, meaning they were selling out their stock. You could get ESP guitars for really cheap. Being a constant searcher for good deals I had to get this. The swamp ash natural body looked even better in real life. Used this guitar for like one part of a riff in the most viewed video of mine, the Mesa Dual Rectifier vs. Engl Savage video.


Ibanez RGR08 LTD – 2008

From the video

I wanted to have like a back up guitar or something similar to the MTM2 so I got the cheap limited RGR08LTD. It was a simple one humbucker guitar. The bridge had the Seymour Duncan Blackout and it was the first time I tried it. Finally something different than EMGs. This was used in the first couple of videos I did, like my first amp testing video where I tried out the Engl E570 preamp. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this guitar more than from the video.

Ibanez MTM2 – 2007


I bought this guitar from for one reason. It is one of the most classy but still brutal guitar I’ve ever seen. This is the shit right here, no inlays or dots on fretboard. Black, white binding, reversed headstock. It’s just a simple but classy looking guitar and I’ve always had this in mind when I’ve designed my own signature guitar with S7G. I just wanted the same simplicity but with my specs really. This guitar is a workhorse, it’s been in probably more than 50% of my videos and it’s not even that good! I mean it’s working but due to the finished glossy neck it never feels like a “real” RG Ibanez. But still it just looks sooooo good. Currently it’s my go to guitar for pickup testing since I installed a Seymour Duncan Liberator in it. I also put on a skin on it to make it look like a JPM P2 once, it was pretty fun!  Recorded the Feared album Rejects using this guitar.

Washburn Dime 2ST – 2007

Dime 2ST on bed

So I sold the 3ST and 3STD to get some money BUT I regretted it so much. So much I had to get the cheaper 2ST  to hang on the wall. Changed the pickups and dyed the fretboard(to get rid of the pearl inlays, I know it’s a desperate move). I did EVERYTHING to make it resemble my 3ST as much as I could. But alas, it wasn’t close to the 3ST in playability. Anyway it was a good guitar to hang on the wall. Cause it looks badass.

Texas V – 2007

Talking a walk outside...

The forum I was hanging on at the time was selling out cheap guitars, and this Texas V was like 150 Euros. So I bought it and pulled some parts from it and upgraded it a bit. Then I sold it. It was awesome for its price but I’ve never been a V guy.


Dean Cadillac Select Black Gold 1980 – 2007


So Dean decided to put out a select model of their Black Gold Cadillac. The Cadillac I always wanted to have. Well I had to get it of course, I had a serious problem with G.A.S at the time. Shoved in a EMG 81 and 85 in it and it looked KILLER.

Dean Cadillac Select White – 2006


I’ve always got a love/hate relationship with white guitars. And I definitely loved this one. I swapped all the chrome parts to black and put in EMG 81 and 85 in it. This was my third Cadillac in a short while. I must be crazy.


Kramer Something – 2005


Just some Kramer that I bought and thought it was a good deal. Well… it wasnt’ good. But now I knew!


ESP Eclipse CTM – 2005


I couldn’t find any pictures of this guitar other than a dark live shot. I was heading out to a friends party at town but ran a bit early and had time to kill. Went to a store nearby, tried a Eclipse and fell in love. I remember I put the last of my money on it(yeah I was stupid at the time). But I just wanted it so much. It was so slick and looked so fucking awesome. But my girlfriend gave me the disappointed eye. I’m lucky I married her cause now she’s stuck with me forever HAHAHAHA.

Dean Vendetta 4 – 2004


Ordered from US at the same time as the Cadillac TGE below. The price was just so low. And the guitar was actually pretty sweet. And it was black… ALL BLACK… and how cool is that inlay?!?!?! (not really that cool)

Dean Cadillac Select TGE – 2004

Cadillac TGE

I really fell in love with Cadillacs at this time so I ordered yet another one. This wasn’t as beautiful as the Cherry one but still as good. Put in EMGs in it and sold it off pretty quick though.

Dean Cadillac Select Cherry – 2004


So I got really good contact with this guy in the US who distributed Dean Guitars on ebay. So I bought this baby from him. It was a beauty and didn’t really cost that much(after USD to Swedish Crown conversion) So I got it, put in a EMG 81/85 set and I was set off to play Testament Eric Peterson style!

Ibanez RG750 – 2003


I met a guy at my current job, he said he tried to start play guitar a couple of years back but it never really kicked off, so he was planning to sell his stuff. So It turned out he had a RG750. And he had no idea what it was worth so I helped him out by giving him a really good deal(for me). But he was happy with it so no harm done! A pretty good guitar.

Ibanez 540 PII – 2003

Refinished 2

And since they were so rare at the time, I just saw this out on a swedish forum and got it. And it was HIDEOUS! Previous owner tried to make it black using nail-polish. After he was done with the top he just didn’t finish the job. So I stripped the guitar and made it red. Cut out a new pick guard and installed active EMGs in it. This is probably the best finishing job I’ve done(but it was also the last time I did it).


Caparison Horus 20 Snow Cloud – 2003


There was a lot of hype at the time about Caparisons, and I had a good opportunity to get one from Olof Mörck in Dragonland(later in Nightrage and Amaranthe). Got it. Played it for a time, it was good but I was so Ibanez damaged at the time. The picture is borrowed btw I had it for such a short time.

Ibanez 540 PII – 2002

540 P2 and extra pick guards

So I was of course also a big ass Alex Skolnick fan around this time. And that means, I WANT TO BE LIKE HIM = I need a 540PII. When I bought it(used of course) it was in pretty rough shape, so I stripped it clean and refinished it with a matte satin black. It turned out fucking awesome. Also I managed to find a guy that cut me a couple of different pick guards.


Washburn Dime 3ST and 3STD – 2002


Now this was a VERY rare opportunity, I’m not giving away from who I got these guitars from, but this was a dream come true to me. THESE were THE SHIT! I could never been more happy than having these guitars. Unfortunately I had to sell them a couple of years later to fund some other shit I probably didn’t need or kept for more than 1 year. STUPID OLA, STUPID! Regret this to the day. Both killed playing wise. The black one had more V neck shape to it and the 3STD had a more C-shaped neck. Preferred the black one <3

Schecter Elite 007 – 2002


Another trade in guitar. And I hated it, the neck was thick as a telephone pole and the guitar itself was just dead when you played it.

Washburn CS780 – 2002

Washburn CS780

So I was trading some gear and I traded away a guitar, not sure which one but in the trade I got an amp and this Washburn guitar. It was pretty fucking good to be honest, but I always thought Washburn guitars should only do Dimebag guitars. Pretty slick still!



Ibanez Universe PWH – 2001


Starting searching for real on Internet for good deals on guitar, this really beat up PWH showed up. Some cool shredder cat was selling it. I bought it, two weeks later he called me back and said he wanted to buy back the guitar. He really regretted selling it to me. To bad cause I thought it was the most awesome 7-string I’ve ever played. I had this for a long while and was my main guitar for many years when I was playing in Subcyde at the time.


Ibanez JPM P-2 – 1999


So I was more and more getting into Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment so I went to a John Petrucci clinic in Helsinki Finland in 1999. Dream Theater had just released the Scenes from a Memory album and I was stoked as HELL to watch the clinic. Anyway I got a chance to meet Petrucci backstage and I bought this guitar from the store that had the clinic. I saw him warm up on this particular guitar so it had a lot of mojo. The guitars was super awesome and really opened up my eyes to how different guitars really feel. This was one of the fastest guitars I’ve ever tried!


Ibanez RG7620 – 1997


So this was my first ever Ibanez guitar, it was probably around 1997-1998 when I’ve been listening to Dream Theater for a while, and just had to get a 7-string. It was so new and exciting and only a handful playing them, Korn, Meshuggah, Steve Vai, Dream Theater being one of the few. This actual guitar was one of the first RG7620 and it came straight from the factory. Lovely guitar, I had it for years. It had a lot of dents and marks so I decided to re-finish it myself rather than sell it. So the first finish I did was using a printed top of Vampire Hunter D. Second time I did a blue/white/black swirl. Then I sold the guitar.


Washburn Dime Blackjack 333 – 1995

Washburn and Mustang

I bought it on my birthday 1996. It was the black one and had a Bill Lawrence 500XL (yes the real one). I was really getting into Pantera at this time, and I just found this guitar and fucking couldn’t believe there even was one in Sweden. I HAD to get it. First guitar I played live with my band Subcyde.


Fender Mustang – 1994


My first guitar that was ALL mine, a beauty of guitar! Sounded pretty thin from what I remembered, I guess the search for thick tone already began around here haha. This was the first guitar I ever played live with. I had a punkband called Läjf Sniglers That we played with around 1995.



Vantage Avenger – 1993-94

After refinish

My first ever guitar, I think this was actually my brothers or sisters guitar, but this is the guitar I started playing Smoke on the Water and Proud Mary on(and no I’m not kidding those where the songs I had to learn) Years later I refinished this into a white kinda Ibanez PGM ripoff.